Conservation Commission Minutes

Sometimes it helps to voice concerns about timely posting of minutes. When the Gazette contacted a member of the Mason Conservation Commission in November indicating that that had been no minutes since July, it thankfully had an effect. Today the wheels that result in minutes being passed from one part of town government to another and then to the web manager finally finished turning.

The Conservation Commission minutes for August through October have been posted. Better late than never; however, there are a couple of subtleties and context is everything.

So for example, “Discussed Kevin Maxwell’s request for remuneration for spray paint damage at the Quarry Conservation area.” This may be related to an event described in the September police logs. The logs say nothing about spray paint, but the list of culprits heading to Milford District Court indicate that this was not a routine event.

“Voted unanimously to pay Bently Management Group (Amos White) for the emergency access road repair & gate installation $6865 from the Conservation General Fund.” What access road? And how does it relate to the “parking lot”.

A culvert for the horse people on the Railroad Trail. Are horses more vulnerable than the handicapped?

And then there’s the question of ID cards for non-Mason residents allowing them use of the quarry. Is this replacing one poorly thought out idea with another? Dump stickers on cars used to be popular, how about a quarry sticker for the parking lot mailed along with every tax bill?

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