Smarter Balanced Test Results

The NH Department of Education has released the Smarter Balanced Assessment results. You can see the Mason results here.

As a whole the students at Mason elementary were 74% at Level 3 or above in English Language, and 64% in Math. These are better than the statewide averages of 55 and 59%.

The detailed grade reports are a little less uniform. Due to the small number of students in grade 3, the results are not shown. Grade 4 results are close to state averages and Grade 5 is to be congratulated for moving the school averages considerably above state levels.

This year there were 41% (english) and 33% (math) at the highest level. Previously these rankings were under the 20% range. A jump of this sort would seem to imply that these results are not comparable to the previous years NECAP results.

There is no breakdown for how Mason Students are faring in Milford.

Translation for interpreting the results can be found here at

“The purpose of these descriptors is to specify, in content terms, the knowledge and skills that students display at four levels of achievement (i.e., Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4), which in some contexts may also be described qualitatively in terms such as “novice, developing, proficient, advanced” or others”.

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