From the Mouths of Children

We found the following interesting comments in the first issue of “The Mustang Messenger” (archive pdf link here), a publication of the Mason Elementary School written by the kids. At least the kids are honest about where our tax dollars are going…

“A brand new rug out front”, “a new clock”, “an umbrella on one of the picnic tables” and “the school is going to buy one for every table soon”.

Even the principal is into the festivity of the school “We will also be having an all school movie day on the 24th”.

Yikes! We distinctly recall that when we told our immigrant father about “friday movies” at public school, the next thing we knew the teacher at the front of the class was nicknamed “Sister Attila the Hun” and we never enjoyed another movie at school. Although thanks to the sisters, and years of knuckle rapping, some of the class was rewarded as National Merit finalists and semi-finalists on a rather consistent year to year basis.

But times have changed. And granted, all of the small purchased items cited by the kids above probably makes them feel good and are somewhat inconsequential when compared to part time five figure salaries at the top of the staff hierachy.

But we should be grateful, this year an excess of $90,000 is being returned to the tax payers. We get a similar feeling when dealing with the IRS… “they are returning your money, you should be incensed they took it in the first place, not grateful” we tell our significant other.

Photo: SAU89 staff, we think we recognize the elephant in the middle (click on photo for better view), he’s part of a staff of 15 for grades K to 5.

Just what were they thinking when the staff photo was taken?

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