NED Position of the New Ipswich Conservation Commission

In an interesting turn of events and much to the dismay of other boards, the New Ipswich Conservation Commission is taking a neutral stance on both the NED pipeline and compressor station proposal.

According to a Monadnock Ledger paywall article “Bob Boynton [chairman of the New Ipswich Conservation Commission] told the Select Board that the commission, which has not taken a stance on the pipeline, sees actively opposing the pipeline outside of its purview. Boynton compared it to the Conservation Commission voting in opposition to any other development that wanted to move into town, and suggested that such an act would create bias. ‘You have to separate your personal opinion from your role in town government,’ said Boynton.”

This stance is similar to the one taken by Amherst as described here. By cooperating, the Town of Amherst managed to “mitigate” the pipeline’s impact on Amherst, much to the dismay of the Town of Merrimack which is still in full opposition mode. While interesting, documenting that dispute is beyond the purview of the Gazette.

So what about the Town of Mason? The Mason Conservation Commission has taken the lead in opposing the pipeline(s), with the Board of Selectmen not far behind.

All or nothing approach might not end well for Mason?

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  1. cloudnavigator
    November 3, 2015 at 13:12

    Well, I would not classify the NED pipeline as a “development that wanted to move into town” because if it was a “development” it would be required to subject itself to town zoning and planning regulations. FERC/NED claims supreme rights over our lives and property, which of course is unconstitutional in the extreme. If this “development” is permitted and built, it will destroy the local environment Mr. Boynton and his New Ipswich Conservation Commission are purportedly trying to protect. The Amherst and New Ipswich Conservation Commissions are mistaken in their belief that cooperating with FERC/NED will “mitigate” the damage to their local environment. It will not. Opposition to pipeline projects are being waged all over the country, not just in southern New Hampshire. People living in towns throughout the country are under assault by corporations determined to get at the remaining stocks of fossil energy, no matter how dangerous and damaging they are to the environment.

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