Pipeline: Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Gazette:

Hitler and his agents convinced the jews to get on the trains bound for the concentration camps and extermination by gathering them in their ghettoes in face of a very small contingent of police and military that was not threatening to them. From here they were told a special place awaited, where they would have jobs, mothers could stay home, kids would be educated. Lies, this is the life blood of politics, coupled with our apathy. Finally a pipeline has awoken us. Now they recommend a silent vigil while our elected officials of the executive council hold business. Maggie Hussein(SP) is coming. Is she seeking a spot in Washington where her heart has been all along? All she had to do was say I support article 12a of the NH Constitution in regards to the pipeline. Federal pre-emption being what it is. Now she comes via a lie, i love your quaint little community, vote for me, get Smelly (sp) Ayotte out. Now its up to the voters in 17 communities to be one issue, send her home, out of politics.

I am 535, that’s the number of elected officials (senators and Reps) this country needs to un elect. Or is it 544, count the 9 justices and the president if you choose. There is not a person in Washington who will tell you they don’t want a balanced budget. Well why don’t we have one? Lies, no one to blame but ourselves. The right to Vote may mean more now than it ever did. Start in NH, they have gifted our community with a real issue. I do not equate it to Nazi Germany but how did so many stand on the side lines for so long while that lie was perpetrated?

Kirk Farrell
623 Brookline Rd.

The Gazette is not entirely sure Maggie is coming to Mason… but in just sit there and watch the Exeutive council at work is an interesting concept.

Apologies to Dave Wheeler who may not have realized the sentiments he has tapped into by arranging this display of “our government at work”.

Maybe there will be more credibility if we see WMUR cameras at the event?

Sigh… another opportunity to drag our unpaid butt out of bed… (oh the shameless self promotion…)

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  1. Suzanne Kelly
    October 19, 2015 at 16:29

    She is supposed to be coming this Wednesday at 10:30. Mr Moser asked the heads of pipeline committees NOT to call Joe McGuire at 878-0000. Read between the lines. She needs to be shown what the public thinks of her. She will definitely get my vote . . . of no confidence!.

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