Smarter Balanced Test Results

So what is a “smarter balance”? One that precludes putting a finger on one side and tipping the scale?

We first heard that “smarter balance” would not be comparable to “NECAP” (the prior test). Imagine that. Lack of continuity to obfuscate the results.

We then heard that “smarter balanced results would be delayed”. Article in the September 22 Union Leader here.

We now read that the Nashua School district is bucking the system.

“The Nashua School District has spent thousands and thousands in technology for the students to take the Smarter Balanced assessment on computers, and this is the best the state can do for us?” she [Nashua BOE member Dorothy Oden] said.

The only other state that has a release date as late as November is Montana, she said.

The board voted that administration release the Smarter Balanced assessment results five days after teachers see the results, at a date no later than Oct. 21.”

Read the entire paywall article here.

In the mean time, in Mason. NH, where all the students are above average, parents and taxpayers may have to wait a bit longer for results.

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