Vote for Nancy Tessier, School Board at Large

So now our mailbox and phone are in full bloom notifying us that the silly season is underway.

“To My Fellow Ward 1 Residents… vote Vote Nacy Tessier for School Board at Large” the post card said.

Or to quote another politician “You betcha”… we’ll drag our butts right up to Manchester and vote in their elections.

So why do we have to jump through hoops to prove who we are in every election when the people running don’t even seem to know where their constituents live? We neither live in Greenville (to which the mail was addressed) nor in Manchester (where presumably there is a school board opening); however, the name and street address on the card were correct.

So open letter:

Dear Nancy;

We thinks you’ve been fleeced by your fiscal agent and/or the US post office.

(name withheld)

p.s. You seem like a viable candidate, but we can’t legally help you.

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