Momentum Temporis Obscurus

The start of town budget setting silly season is soon to be upon Mason residents. Since we’ve been noticing a tendency to forget and reinvent the wheel (over and over again), we solicited some comments about the resurrection of the highway building committee from former employees who shall remain anonymous.

The included attachments are Safety Committee reports which do not appear to have found their way to the town web site. After all, who wants to hang out dirty laundry?

A quote from March 14, 2013 (yes 2013, it’s not a typo) is precious:

“Recently ceiling lights fell from inside of the Highway garage/barn. Luckily this happened at night and the lights landed on the trucks instead of any of the employees. This is a very dangerous situation as well as a potential fire hazard. The wood strapping that the lights are attached to is rotted from moisture.”

Were sure that has all been fixed, except for the part that the highway department quonset hut is still a giant money sink

And a selected quote from the June 26, 2014 minutes:

“The Committee is also concerned for the demoralization of the town employees. Primex will be consulted on any training sessions for stress release for employees.”

Were it not for some current openings and resignations, we’re sure all that has been fixed too…

March 14, 2013 Safety Committee Minutes
June 26, 2014 Safety Committee Minutes

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