Random School Board Notes

According to the latest posted minutes on the school web site: “Members set Superintendent Goals for 2015-16 school year”.

Besides the usual listing of attendees, that’s all it says.

Highly informative.

But it would probably fit on a town common billboard, so may be a sign of things to come.

And not only that, it says it in a scanned paper format buried in a pdf so it’s tough to cut and paste.

This from a district that prides itself on going paperless.

With a less tongue and cheeky tone, we note that the Congregational Church News letter indicates that Linda Lannin has moved to Mont Vernon. The significance of that is that Linda was appointed to the school board member position for which no one ran. Board members must be residents in the community for which they serve, so now the board is back to 4 members.

No call for fresh volunteers on the school web site.

Good things take time.

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