A Sure Cure?!

WELCOME SPRING! HOW QUICKLY IT COMES AND GOES. THE maple sugar season is already behind us, the muddy snow finally giving in to the warmth of sunshine. And then only to tolerate weeks of rain and cloudy days! Just when you think you’ve had enough, the fragrant smell of lilacs and the beauty of flowering dogwood overpower your senses. If you blink, it seems we may have missed spring. Enjoy it while it is here. Take time to smell the roses.

With the beauty of spring, comes the allergies. Back in the history of Mason, the Rev. E. Hill wrote of a cure for an obstinate cough. It goes like this:

Take Hoarhound, coltsfoot, Rue, Hyssop and Flaxseed and pound the flaxseed in a mortar. Put them all in a skillet, with hog’s fat, and fry them well. Strain out the fat from the herbs. When cool, make this fat into pills with sugar. Take about 3 at a time when going to bed. If needed, take freely at any time of day when the cough comes on…
Rev. E. Hill

No thanks, I think I will pass on this one. If my allergies are feeling overpowered by the beauty of spring, I’ll go buy some Vicks cough drops!

Linda O’Grady

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